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It is the purpose of cubsource.org to serve as a resource to Leaders for use in planning and delivering an exciting, quality program, and to provide training resources and information with the intent to help each Leader to become the best Cub Scouter that they can.

Remember - a well planned and coordinated Pack program, executed by Trained enthusiastic Leaders will lead to greater levels of parent and family participation, which will result in the successful delivery of a quality Cub Scout program that achieves the Aims of Scouting.

The latest cubsource.org updates

The most recent updates to cubsource.org include the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub required and elective Adventure worksheets. Each is matches the most recent program updates to the Cub Scout Advancement program.

The supplemental programs section has also been updated with the latest updated information and forms to pursue each of the supplemental Cub Scout programs and awards. It is also been moved to the main selection menu area below.

Updates continue to be ongoing and up-loaded as the program material is completed.

site updated 24 April 2018

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