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This site is intended to serve as a resource to Cub Scout Leaders, and it is the purpose of cubsource.org to assist Leaders in planning an exciting quality program, and to provide information on training to help each Leader to become the best Cub Scouter that they can.

Remember - a well planned and coordinated Pack program, executed by Trained enthusiastic Leaders will lead to greater levels of parent and family participation, which will lead to the successful delivery of a quality Cub Scout program that achieves the Aims of Scouting.

Updates to the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training curriculum

Leader Specific Training for all levels of the Cub Scout program have been updated to better meet the needs of volunteer leaders at all levels of the program. The most up to date releases of the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training program are available in the Leader Training section.

Updates to the Cub Scout Program for the 2015 Cub Scout Year

The Boy Scouts of America has empowered a combined team of experienced Cub Scout volunteers and made use of the latest data and practices from professional educators in developing the first major update to the Cub Scout program in over a decade. This new program structure brings together all of the facets of the current program, and integrates the current Academic and Sports Program into a comprehensive series of Cub Scout Adventures. Information on the latest program updates is available here.

updated 29 June 2014

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