Aims of Scouting

The Aims of Scouting

"Keep in mind in all your teaching that the whole object is to form character in the boys."

Robert Baden-Powell
Scouting for Boys, 1908

The Aims of the Boy Scouts of America are to foster Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness in all members of the programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

Character Development

    Encompasses a boy's personal qualities, Values, and outlook.
    A Scout learns confidence, honesty, and self-respect.
    A Scout respects other people, regardless of differences.
    A Scout practices his religious beliefs.

Citizenship Training
    A Scout works among others in his Pack or Troop with rules based on the common good.
    A Scout learns about and takes pride in his own National heritage.
    A Scout understands social, economic, and governmental systems.
    A Scout learns service, tolerance, and community involvement.

Mental and Physical Fitness
    A Scout improves his physical condition through exercise and outdoor activities.
    A Scout encourages good health habits.
    A Scout discourages drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.
    A Scout learns sound judgment, resourcefulness, and decision-making skills.

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