Methods of Scouting

The Methods of Cub Scouting

"Scouting is a game with a purpose."

Robert Baden-Powell

The Methods of Cub Scouting are intended toward achieving the Aims of Scouting, using the following methods:

The Ideals of Scouting: To teach and instill the ideals of Scouting

The Den: To organize each group of boys into a like-age group of six to eight and form a Den

Advancement: To foster an environment which encourages each boy to achieve to the best of his abilities

Family Involvement: To invite and encourage the involvement of the entire family

Activities: To offer well planned and safe activities which promote the Aims of Scouting

Home & Neighborhood Centered: To maintain a focus on the individual family unit, and how it is a part of the greater community

Uniform: To promote the wear of the uniform of Cub Scouting, to promote the understanding of each boy becoming part of a group larger than his family and neighborhood; and to remove any barriers of social status and material representation, by which each boy is an equal

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The Purposes and Methods of Cub Scouting.

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