Keeping the Outing in Scouting

Foil Pack Cooking

Foil pack cooking is a staple of Cub Scout and Webelo Scout camping, and allows each Scout to experience the independence of "cooking for himself"

The foundation of foil pack cooking is understanding the method of forming a foil pack using the "Drug Store Fold". Heavy Duty foil is an absolute necessity since thin foil doesn't provide enough protection against punctures or extreme heat.

The foil pack fold also know as the Drug Store Fold:

  1. Place 10 -12 inch foil sheet on flat surface. Place all food and ingredients in center of sheet.
  2. Fold sides up to make a "tent". Hold top edges together and fold over twice.
  3. On each open end, bring togther and fold over twice to seal.

When foil pack is wrapped with a drugstore fold it becomes a small-scale pressure cooker, which uses the moisture contained within the packet to cook the contents using the steam formed in the foil pack. When the foil pack is placed on a bed of hot coals, diced vegetables and meat cook in 10 to 20 minutes, and whole potatoes in 30 to 50 minutes.

Be sure to allow some space for expansion in the package, and don't wrap your foil pack too tightly.

Be Prepared

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