Emergency Preparedness

BSA Emergency Preparedness
Program Guidelines & Award

It is a challenge to be prepared for emergencies in our world of man-made and natural phenomena. The Emergency Preparedness BSA program is planned to inspire the desire and foster the skills to meet this challenge in our youth and adult members so that they can participate effectively in this crucial service to their families, communities, and nation.

When an emergency occurs, it affects every youth and adult member of BSA in the immediate area, creating the responsibility to respond first, as an individual; second, as a member of a family; and third, as a member of a Scouting unit serving the neighborhood and community. Because of these multiple levels of responsibility, the Emergency Preparedness BSA plan includes training for individual, family, and unit preparedness.

Downloads of the Emergency Preparedness Program Guidelines and the Boy Scouts of America Emergency Preparedness Award Application, as well as an Individual Cub Scout worksheet are available in Adobe pdf format by selecting the appropriate link below.

Be Prepared

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