Cub Scouting

Outings and Camping
Keeping the Outing in Scouting

When asked the one reason they became a part of the Scouting program, most often boys respond "to go camping". Simply stated, camping is the one facet of Scouting which sets it apart from any other program for boys.

An Annual Pack Program should allow for as many outdoor activities as the Pack Leadership and Committee can plan and support. A robust outdoor program will keep your Pack program exciting and fresh for every member of your Pack and Pack Family.

In this section, there are links to information on outdoor activity planning, equipment and projects. Some of the topic areas contain sub-sections that are loaded with information on everything from box-oven cooking to making hiking stick, to campfire skits. Some of the projects and sections may not be appropriate for Cub Scouts of all ages, but can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your Pack, Den or Patrol.

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